Saw this on a EW message board for anyone who's interested:

I spoke with Edgar this afternoon and asked him about his involvement with David Lee Roth. It all began with the Crazy From The Heat project. At the time, Edgar was touring with Michael McDonald. Michael and Dave were both working with Ted Templeman, and when Dave mentioned to Ted that he would like to do Easy Street and have Edgar lend some original sax work to the song...Ted set it all up. Edgar originally went in just to add his talents to Easy Street...and ended up playing synth on California Girls. Dave was surprised that Edgar was familiar with the Louis Prima Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody tunes...and so of course he involved Edgar in the entire project...which Edgar said was a lot of fun for him. Edgar later played on four video tracks for Dave...and while you hear him instrumentally...his image is not actually on the video.

As far as the Las Vegas performances went. Yes...Edgar was involved in the show. A spoof on the Las Vegas Lounge Lizard routine, David really camped it the point of maybe overdoing it a bit. (What, Dave overdoing it?!?!?! *L*). The booking was short lived...but loaded with the comedic element and something Edgar said was a lot of fun.

I asked Edgar whether he was still in touch with Diamond Dave. He most certainly is! Edgar and Monique caught the Sam and Dave tour this past summer at the Universal Amphitheatre in Hollywood. Edgar says it was a happening show. Edgar and Dave visited for about an hour and had a good talk after Dave's set. And some good came out of all it looks like Dave will be joining Edgar for at least one song on his Keep On Rockin' project...coming to us shortly after Jazzin' The Blues is released. That should be fun...and we were excited to learn of it.

And there you have it....the story behind Edgar's involvement with Dave.