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So you’re saying Mikey lied? Ever hear of the phrase “friends is friends, but business is business?”

He’s not the only one that has said this. Don’t forget also that Mike and Sam weren’t buddies until AFTER he was fired.
He didn't lie, memories change over the years. These dudes have seen a LOT.

You ask him 5 years from now and the story will probably change a bit.

Perspectives change. You gain age and wisdom and experience and you have a different view of things from your past sometimes.

I think one of the big mistakes we all make with celebs is trying to take what they say about certain topics as the gospel, as if they're a dictionary of the information we are interested in. They aren't. I'd bet that with a lot of VH history, we fans know it more accurately than the actual band members that lived it. It's hard to keep things perfectly accurate when you're in the middle of living it, much less when looking back 30+ years later.

So no, Mikey didn't "lie", he just said whatever he thought about it today.