Hey fellow linkers,

Here is my most recent musical excursion. (6 songs totaling 19 minutes and change)


And it's tag line: Joe Z's 2022 EP, "The Astonishing Joe Z EP" fresh in front of your naked steaming eyes, complete with guitar pyrotechnics, 8-bit interludes, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, 80's tinged vibes, and catchy hooks for your musical enjoyment. If you like it; tell a friend, if you hate it tell an enemy - Joe Z will be here either way.

FYI - All tracks were recorded with a Peavey Wolfgang Special & an EVH Standard through an EVH 3 50watt head with a Mesa Cab Clone & Behringer Cab DI onto a Korg D1600. NO MICS WERE USED FOR GUITARS AT ALL.

Hope you get some enjoyment out of it!