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Travel baseball has killed the sport in my opinion. You are asking kids to make a spring/summer/fall sport commitment now 6th grade or earlier. Kids that want to play other sports are going to be behind when they come back in the Spring.

None of these kids sports should be year round endeavors until their Junior year in high school, at the earliest. We should be encouraging kids to play a fall sport, a winter sport and spring sport...different ones. Builds better overall athletes, helps their social skills, you name it.

Baseball is my youngest son's favorite sport. But he also likes basketball, lacrosse, and wants to play football in the Fall. Asking him to commit to a nine month baseball season travelling most weekends at 14 years old is asinine to me, and the kids that don't do it have minimal chance making the HS baseball team if they aren't on one of the travel squads, unless you are an elite level athlete.

Can you tell I don't like travel baseball?
Completely agree with your perspective. I have friends with kids doing travel baseball. It seems, in some cases, the dad is more into it than the kids. One buddy of mine was so into it with both of his sons, yet when they got into high school their interests changed and they're pursuing different sports now. And good for them. But all that time and money put into travel baseball seems like a giant waste now.

I also take an issue with such young kids playing baseball year round, especially the ones being groomed by coaches and parents to pitch. Might as well just plan on the Tommy John surgery in a few years. But that's another issue.