It's the guitar I didn't know I wanted until I played it. I never really gave them much thought. After all, it's basically a strat with two humbuckers, which Charvel has been making a version of for years now.


After I pulled it off the wall and played it, it immediately felt comfortable to me, like an old broken in pair of shoes. I have been playing the Frankie quite a bit since I got it, and although it doesn't quite feel as good as that one, it is very close.

I really thought it sounded good and resonant unplugged, so I had to plug it in, and I was very happy that I did. It doesn't sound like the Frankie on the bridge pickup. Can't quite put my finger on it yet, but it's just a bit different. Maybe it's the Ebony fingerboard, or the Volume pot being wired to a tone pot, but it's different enough to notice. I also like the options of a neck humbucker and the combination of the two humbuckers that I don't get in my Frankie.

Anyway, I decided that I didn't need my Player's Series Tele anymore, and traded her in for the Stealth.

I will still play my Partscaster Strat, my Frankie, and my Homebrew Les Paul, but I can easily see this guitar becoming my "go-to" that I will be playing the most. It's just a comfortable guitar to play, sounds great, and it's a workhorse. Glad I decided to pull it off the wall on a whim. I was not even looking for anything, but it just felt too good to pass on.