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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Dreamer View Post
    It would make sense for the VH estate to start releasing stuff like all the other estates. Then you have a normal relationships with your fans, you give them stuff, and they give you their money. The current situation is a continuation of the dysfunction that's been going on for years, with fans being deemed "ungrateful" and "a problem."
    You really must live in a Parallel universe. His dad has been dead less than a year, he’s trying to make a name for himself, and he and his uncle probably don’t want to exploit HIS DEAD DAD right now.

    So yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRFC View Post
    Great write-up.

    One thing I'll add to the 'what could have been' disappointment in regards to the kitchen sink tour.

    I don't think a completely healthy Ed would have ever had much interest in reuniting with the past. Wolfie did say that it was 2015 when he first brought up the idea of bringing Mike back, but that Ed didn't warm up to the idea until later, and once he did it got bigger and bigger (probably adding Sam and Gary). They eventually started planning it in December 2018. To me, that all lines up with Ed's diagnosis in 2017 -- given weeks to live and suddenly getting treatments that are extending his life... that will warm you up to the idea of one last bash -- making peace with former bandmates, cementing your legacy, launching Wolf's career, and a major last money grab all in one.

    So while it's sad the tour never happened, I take some solace in my belief that the very illness that stopped it from happening was also the only reason Ed ever agreed to try it in the first place.

    Certainly possible as it’s all speculation at this point. I tend to disagree as the only person Ed had significant issues with on a personal level was Dave and they had long since put that behind them to coexist on stage.

    Ed was close on and off the stage with Sam the overwhelming time they were still creating music. Their issues were just at the end of their partnership. Sam’s son who has a podcast talked about their families closeness in glowing terms and said it was the best period of his families life. So much so they bought the house next door to Ed and Val. Talked about their closeness and how Ed made it clear to Sam’s and family his house was theirs and they frequently hung out together in between tours. Nothing but love during that roughly 10 years which he said was the best years of his life.

    I suspect Ed’s only reluctance to Mike was he wanted to keep playing with his son. The primary motivation to bring Dave back and tour. So I see that as a non-issue.

    Lastly, Both era’s we’re Ed’s music and he (personally) didn’t favor one era over the other musically from what I understand. All number one records. “They’re my babies” as I recall him saying about the Hagar tunes they couldn’t play with Dave. But he mentioned “they will be brought again sometime in the future” or something to this effect. So it would have logical be very much wanted to do that tour, health permitting. And we don’t know his team of mind or how he was handling the 2017 diagnosis. That tour may have been extra motivation for him to get through it AGAIN.

    If a Gary would have been part of it, that was most likely more about 1. Making the tour a truly comprehensive tour acknowledging all of the music released. Doubt it would have been more than a couple songs. 2. Gary was/is a good soul and would not have been any problem, demanding or insisting on so many of his songs be played etc… He would have been thrilled to be included I suspect.

    Sam was or seemed really stoked about the idea of it and we know so was Wolf. Which Ed likely came to really wanted it to happen after understanding Wolf wanted it. It would have been great for Wolf to break out on his own. I suspect Ed eventually understood this and supported Wolf finding his own way. Ed’s initial reaction was probably just an initial reaction not wanting Wolf doing his own thing away from VH.

    My two cent speculation!



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