Never before published interview with Sammy Hagar from 1991 (audio)
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    Default Never before published interview with Sammy Hagar from 1991 (audio)

    Hagar was 44 years old and was promoting Van Halenís upcoming concert at Deer Creek Music Center in Indiana. In the interview, Hagar talks about his experience with UFOs, the secret to Van Halen, his fatherís death, his advice for Axl Rose, and much more.

    00:00​ - Intro
    00:43​ - Start of Sammy Hagar interview
    01:05​ - His advice for Axl Rose
    02:43​ - What he expects for Van Halenís latest record
    03:58​ - Why Van Halen fans trust them
    04:51​ - The secret to Van Halen
    05:44​ - The meaning behind the songs ďMan on a MissionĒ and ďPoundcakeĒ
    08:12​ - The dream thatís over
    09:02​ - The guy whoís trying to build a house on the beach
    10:15​ - What an artistís job is
    15:38​ - When he thinks Van Halen fans accepted him
    18:12​ - His prediction for when and if David Lee Roth would reunite with Van Halen
    21:09​ - His belief in UFOs
    24:32​ - His experience being abducted by a UFO
    28:16​ - Why heís adamant that each man should take care of themselves but everyone needs compassion
    29:58​ - His fatherís death
    31:54​ - What fans can expect at the Van Halen concert
    32:40​ - His Red Rocker clothing line
    34:53​ - The secret song they will be playing in concert
    35:37​ - Why they donít play ďEverybody Wants SomeĒ
    35:55​ - If music is better or worse today

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    I was at that Deer Creek show and it was freakin' awesome.

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