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My 83 pacer special has an ESP beak neck that feels very similar to the 5150 replicas I have gotten from musikraft. The sports necks from what I understand were the wider ones that would have lived on the franky on that US fest show. I have a 84 pacer special with a sports neck and itís wide R5 and flat while the esp neck is an R2. It feels like a symmetrical 5150 neck. Honestly itís one of the best necks Iíve ever played, this one guitar in particular is just bitchin. Of course his could have been completely made for him in USA but the specs sure seem close on my 83.
Thatís the thing...NONE of the factory necks have anything to do with the famous necks that were made for Eddie, especially the three most famous...the 5150, 1984 and the ďHot For TeacherĒ. All three had neck profiles that were hand shaped by Unkert and all three had different headstock shapes made from three different headstock templates that Unkert used.