I found this stuff in old Polish magazine from 2009 and decided to share here. It is Mike doing publicity for the Chickenfoot album and tour.
The interviewer asked him about his Polish roots and his beginnngs in the business. I know that some facts may be wrong but it is what it is. So, long story short:

1 Mike never learned to speak Polish with the exception of few words picked up from his parents
2 His grandfather came from Poland, and his grandmother from the Czech Republic
3 His father was a musician and played the trumpet.
4 Mike claimed that it was his sister, who was one and a half years older, who introduced him to the world of rock.
5 They both listened heavily to Jimi Hendrix and Blue Cheer.
6 When he started getting his first money from Van Halen he decided to buy a new car for his parents.

That's all folks!