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Yeah, the quarter and cigarette burns were never really serious options for me anyway, but I did want to list out all the potential mods for the sake of everyone else. The only ones I was really potentially considering was the eye bolts, and potentially putting a Frankenstein Humbucker in it. At the end of the day, I'll probably just leave it the way that it is.

You are right though, If she saw me doing the quarter and cigarette burns, she wouldn't get that it's an "EVH" thing. I agree that those mods are pointless, unless you are just trying to make the most accurate replica possible.
In that case man, I am very glad to hear you haven't succumb to the madness around here
As mentioned, a different PU and/or eye bolts are completely sensible, and totally reversible mods
I'm sorry if I may have stated that so harshly.
Happy Holidays!