f anyone can answer this question, VHL can!
I have 2 DVDs of this title, but they’re not the same. One is of the full show only with no chapters. The other one is of the full show… plus two partial recordings of two other shows, neither of which I can identify. The DVD has 3 chapters and I’ve included a shot of the menu.
Dave is wearing red matador-type pants in one of the recordings and is wearing white Spandex with a black design towards the groin and waste area in the other one.
I have no idea who I got this DVD from years ago, but if anyone has any idea about where the other 2 chapters of partial recordings were shot, please let me know.
Thanks, everyone.

The reason I ask is because I have finally gotten around to uploading all of my DVD collection to my Youtube channel, which is quite the herculean task. A lot of the DVDs I have have time code errors, cropping/framing work needed to be done, etc., but I’ve always wanted a place where I can watch all my stuff in good quality and have it backed up at the same time, etc.
Please feel free to check it out for anything that may be there that any of you may not have copies of, etc.