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You know, I was DYING to hear Summer Nights, or Get Up played live forever. They virtually never strayed off the radio tunes from 5150 post-88. It drove me crazy and it JUST occurred to me why that probably was. Eddie may have had language in his contracts at the time with Ernie Ball and then Peavey that restricted what he could play onstage. By the time he got a Steinberger equipped WG, Sam was gone. And, then 2004....dead horse. That MAY also be why he changed the neck of the 5150 guitar on the '04 tour to the unbranded s-type neck. Hell, even Mike switched gear as Ed did. When Ed played MM, Mike did, too. When Ed played Peavey, Mike did, too. Probably all contract-based.
One of my favorite Van Halen songs. From what Wolf said on Stern, sure sounds like that would have been a very good possibility with The Kitchen Sink Tour and the timeline when Eddie had his Steinberger restored. Many give Wolf a hard time even hatred for taking Mike's spot. But if it weren't for Wolf we would have never seen Eddie tour or new music after 2004.