I knew this would happen....for years since 2009 when the John 5 accoustic recordings were first mentioned....

Fans posting..." Let's hear the album put it out"...

Now- Not only 1 new tune but these mini clips in this new website...that took a year to put together....this website was initiated October 2019 & went up last month.

All just completely thrown away without a mere deckle of fanfare. The timing is way off because Ed's death rightfully dominates the media at this time & David really should have known better & waited until later, but more than that the fan's are flakes. They say they want to hear the tunes but now some of them are released and where are the fan's that so eagerly wanted to hear them before.

Bad timing. Very bad timing the whole artwork/music website project is hands down a very innovative new spectacular idea but lost in the fray due to the media coverage about EVH.

I'm not criticizing David just expressing disappointment in the fan's reactions to this amazing website. It's a bummer to see it not receive hardly any reaction at all that I've noticed except for here but only 1 page & half the posts from the same 2 guys.

Hopefully next year David puts the album out at the right time.

Not only Dave but Sammy & The Circle put out a brand new album & it was also kinda buried.