Van Halen "Rock Box - Legendary Radio Broadcasts" 3CD set
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    Default Van Halen "Rock Box - Legendary Radio Broadcasts" 3CD set

    Stumbled through the CD racks yesterday downtown and noticed this 3 CD set containing "radio broadcasts", claiming them to be from 1977, 1989 and 1995. I was sceptical, but decided to buy them nonetheless.

    This CD set is apparently brand new, available only since October 2020.

    The first CD mistakingly reads 1977, but it is from Tokyo 1989. (They got the years on the back mixed up between the first and third CDs.)

    The 2nd is from the Balance Tour. And if heard correctly, from Toronto, so probably the same concert you can find on youtube and on DVD.

    The third is Dave-era. This one is supposed to be from 1977. My guess is from a show in Pasadena, as Dave mentions Pasadena twice in between songs. Anybody know of any broadcasted recording from 1977? Just before You Really Got Me kicks in, Mike says "Ted Templeman, Where are you? This one's for you, baby!". Maybe that's a hint.

    Perhaps anybody can help with the date and venue of that particular show?

    Sound quality is very good over the stereo.
    Here's the front and back side:
    VH Rock Box front.jpg VH Rock Box back.jpg

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    The 77 shows sounds like this one...
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