Eddie 1998 thru 2004
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    Default Eddie 1998 thru 2004

    Hey guys,

    I have been wanting to write this as it is something that has been bugging me for years. I hate to bring it up now and, trust me, I mean no disrespect as to the timing of this question as, I have already said in another post, Eddie was my Elvis and my idol. But since I have found this site and the education and loyalty of those on here, maybe you might have an answer.

    In 1998 interviews, Eddie seemed so focused and reborn. He seemed so happy with Gary being in the band, was seeing a spiritual advisor or guru, was sober, was laser focused on the music, he seemed so clean and refreshed. Then we know what happened in 2004 or so. I have always been bugged about what happened between 1998 and 2004 that caused the collapse? Did he give up thinking the third version of VH flopped? Did he get frustrated because a third singer was gone and he had to figure out what to do? Again? I have very curiously wondered what happened between 1998 and 2004 to cause such an extreme change.

    Please dont burn me for the timing of this question because it even bothered me when he was alive.
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    I see no disrespect at all. A lot had happened to him personally.
    He kept saying in his VHIII interviews that “This is the final frontier”. He was so content with Gary, he swore it would be the last incarnation of VH. But when Gary left, VH was in a rut. They briefly worked with Dave in 2000 to record a few tracks, but something derailed it which put the band on hiatus again.
    But Ed’s cancer kicked in around late ‘99/early ‘00 if I remember correctly. It was in the tongue. Ed still had problems with his hip too. My timeline is not perfect here, but he had his divorce with Valerie and lost his mother aswell. All that plus the alcohol and drug use just built up.

    He wasn’t totally sober around VHIII either. He was drunk on Howard Stern.
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    Default Eddie 1998 thru 2004

    Now is not the time. He was in a bad place. Cancer and addiction set him off. Not to mention his marriage broke up.

    We can revisit this later but I’m not doing this now.

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