SAMMY HAGAR Had Secretly Been In Contact With EDDIE VAN HALEN For Last Few Months - Page 6
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    I think since thee band wasn't speaking, a lot of fans were guessing. It's human nature. And when you guess, sometimes you're right, and many times you're wrong. VH hadn't kept with the times in terms of PR. Some of the stuff they did didn't make them look good, in recent times. Now it's all water under the bridge.
    I think also it's a bit strange to expect everyone said goodbye in an orderly fashion. Wolf said it took a turn for the worse during the last 72 hours. Generally you don't have time to cross off everyone on the list and talk to everyone when things happen this quickly. Sam made his statement in May, hoping for another VH show. It makes me think that Sam was reconnecting because he wanted to be friends again, not because he thought death was imminent. Same with Dave's statement last year - he probably thought Ed was weaker, but certainly not dying.
    Also I'm sure some people have decided to grieve privately and won't make a twitter/instagram/facebook statement, and that's alright too IMO. It almost seems these days that we demand people to show their emotion publicly.
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    I got and email about the old mans B-Day Bash Virtual gig, last week. I kicked around the idea of getting the PPV. Probably will now.

    Should be special.
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