2021 Server Donations & Beyond! - Back To GoFundMe - Please Read!!
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    Talking 2021 Server Donations & Beyond! - Back To GoFundMe - Please Read!!

    Hi all,

    It's been a very busy few weeks here, and I've been setting up lots of different features, and am making lots of changes, hopefully for the better. The biggest change is that the web site is now set up on SSL, and is totally secure and encrypted. I've been wanting to do that for years.

    The next change is this...the server cost is dropping!! That's right folks, no more $4,000. We are not switching servers, but I worked a deal to get our cost down. Drum roll please....ok it's down to $2,400 per year, so $1,600 less! Here's the rub though, we need to raise that money on or before July 1st this year. Yes it's quick, I know. We basically have 3 weeks to get there. I know we can do it, but I will need your help of course.

    For about five minutes we were back with PayPal, and then they screwed us again and kicked us off...again!! For some reason, this company seems to think a site dedicated to discussing a 40-year old rock band violates some idiotic policy they have that I still don't understand. I'm just so drained with them I just need to move on from them...forever! So I returned everyone's donations to those who already donated through PayPal. It appears I was at least able to do that, thankfully! With that said, I need you to go now to GoFundMe and put them back in. I'm so sorry. I've already left your accounts on here activated, so don't worry about that. We just need the money put back as we're back to ZERO as of early this morning.

    The VHL Donate link at the top of the site takes you GoFundme.com. Your donation amount should be the cost one of our three packages, $30, $51.50 or $100. After you donation is confirmed, MAKE SURE you come back here and send me a private message to tell me you've donated, or I won't know whose username to give the Premium Membership package to. I don't know everyone's real names. And sometimes I just forget to do it, and I don't want to!

    Don't worry if you like to send me a check, you can still do that. Just contact me for info. You must donate at least the minimum package of $30 to get the Premium Membership. It's just simple and easy that way. If you can't donate, don't worry about it, it's not a requirement!! To get to the our GoFundMe donate page quickly, go here:


    I've also made a lot of the changes to the Premium Membership you receive upon donating. Below is a list of what you receive, and take notice of the new added items in bold. Remember you get all these things no matter which donation package you select.

    1. Your Own Photo Album (see "Albums" link at top / 500 photos and 20 MB of space) **
    2. Points For VHL Life Awards (30 points for each $1 donated / $30 is 900 points)
    3. Custom Avatar - Animated or Normal
    4. Custom User Title
    5. Custom Profile Pic - Animated or Normal
    6. Custom Image In Signature
    7. 30 MB Of Upload Space (up from 10 MB)
    8. Larger PM Box (now 2,000 messages)
    9. Access To Member Forums
    10. Set Self To Invisible Forum Mode
    11. Beautiful Premium Member Badge

    ** I'm really happy to offer the Photo Album option. I know people are always looking for places to upload photos and then post here. Well now you can! Please note that you still cannot post porn, so don't.

    I believe that's everything. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here. I tried to simplify this as much as I could, I didn't want you guys to have hours of reading.
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