US v. Jeffrey Epstein ~ 19 Cr. 490 (RMB) July 8, 2019 - Page 38
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisy Hill View Post
    Well, they are kind of ceremonial titles but not meaningless. I'm not sure that many people in America are aware that Queen Elizabeth II is the commander in chief of Great Britains armed forces. Typically she just gives the rubber stamp to whatever the Prime Minister and the Parliament want, but she has approval of all legislation under the British constitution and she is literally the commander in chief.

    That is why every day of the year, except Christmas and Easter Sunday, two security officers are assigned to deliver her a "red box" (literally a red briefcase ) full of high level security briefings and government documents to sign. And every evening she gets another briefing about the legislation and committee work of Parliament. For 95 years old, it seems a lot.
    And yet no one voted to give her such authority to review such high security briefings. Rather, she was given this authority because she was the daughter of the last king.

    And just today the person voted and selected to also review such high security intelligence had to apologize for violating his own Covid protocols out of some bizarre ritual of servitude to a monarch who was never elected. Because i guess it was in bad taste to have a party the eve of a Prince's funeral. Another non elected man bestowed with all sorts of military titles, wealth, privilege, and a life on the tax payers dime due primarily to his birth rite....
    "People say Cream gave birth to Heavy Metal," says Baker. "If that's so, we should have had an abortion."

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    Birth rite. That's the way the chips fall sometimes. Royals. Jesus. Elvis.

    Sucks for us little people but oh well.



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