Gibson - Play Authentic :)
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    Default Gibson - Play Authentic :)

    The infamous "Play Authentic" Video by Gibson.

    <blockquote class="reddit-card" data-card-created="1560869431"><a href="">Gibsons Play Authentic Video they Pulled off of Youtube</a> from <a href="">r/guitars</a></blockquote>
    <script async src="//" charset="UTF-8"></script>

    Cringe worthy stuff.

    Mark Agensi is about to start crying.

    Cocaine is a stimulant that makes a person talk faster than the teleprompter.

    Mark, if they are hurting or torturing you, blink twice in your next video (these were the comments on the original youtube vid before pulled off of Youtube).
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    "If it sounds good, it is good" - Eddie Van Halen, 1981

    "If you ever speak to me like that again, you better be wearing a cup" - EVH, 1996

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