4 Minute Warning: a song about armageddon
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    Default 4 Minute Warning: a song about armageddon

    Recently unearthed this forgotten gem from 2003 - something different from the VH and classic rock fare.

    You guys won't know the song or the artist but he was/is a member of my country's biggest boy band - who, surprisingly, wrote their own material (rock solid and standing the test of time). He was the cute/effeminate one to complement the cheeky one, the pretty boy, the bad boy to ensure every female demographic was catered for.

    This was a song he released during the time that the band split up and it's interesting for a number of reasons.

    1) it's an incredibly catchy, bouncy and sing-a-long song which is not the norm for such sombre fare.
    2) it's 4 minutes long and is an exact countdown - whenever he mentions time left to run, that's exactly the case.
    3) he sings in his working-class Manchester accent - piquing the ear - and sounds like Stannis from Game of Thrones.
    4) I really love the bass playing. It grabs my attention from the get go.

    Here's the best quality vid (the lyrics for the chorus are slightly incorrect, though):

    Of course, I expect irrelevant comments about him looking like a fag and the usual backwards Repub comments that litter this site.

    Official video (but not great sound quality):
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    Ok...I prefer the first two Oasis albums and this Take That alum more (as a guilty pleasure...and only this song).

    "Always hopeful, yet discontent,
    He knows changes aren't permanent
    But change is!"



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