whats a good electronic keyboard to start a kid on
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    Default whats a good electronic keyboard to start a kid on

    My boy's boy is 6 and seems really obsessed with the piano in my house.

    Every time he comes over he asks to play the piano...and the last time he came over he sat down and I noticed he had taken his smart phone and had some kind of learn to play the piano app running. I think he's giving us all the clues that he really wants to explore this

    But kids being kids, I don't want to invest too much, the lessons will be costly enough

    I know nothing about electronic keyboards except that a little research tells me that some have more of a piano key feel than others

    Anyone out there start a kid out on piano and have any advice?

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    One of my fil exes gave our kids a Yamaha(I think) for Christmas one year. Theyíve since passed it on so it stayed in the family longer than she did. They mostly just made noise with it but theyíre each seriously playing an instrument now so maybe all that noise making paid off. I donít know model number or even for sure it was a Yamaha. They were just intrigued at 5-7 years old it made cough and barf sounds ala Ferris Beuller.

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