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    Default Rockerboxx - please check out my products and share.

    (*duplicate thread from Guitar forum; reposted here for non-guitar musicians)

    Hey all - some of you may remember me as a mod and member from the early days, if you've been around for a while. I still lurk, but most of the VH-related conversations are things that I've engaged in already, so I just read and don't post for the most part.

    Anyhoo - I wanted to ask you a favor, and I cleared this with Brett before posting, so I promise I'm not spamming. lol

    A few years ago, I mentioned a line of smartphone cases I had designed for musicians, and it was met with favorable feedback, but the shop I was using was more trouble than they were good. And then I started to take care of my ill mother, and once we got her into a nursing home, I got cancer myself. Good times. During that time, I redesigned a lot of stuff, rebranded, and found a better print fulfillment company.

    I'd like to ask you all to check out the new line/website and please share with any of your musician or music fan friends. Sales of these things help me get back on my feet from costs associated with my cancer treatment (I'm clean now - woot!), and I also set aside some of the profits to go to charities. You can read all about that on the website.

    Here's the site link, and there's also a Facebook page that can be shared as well, if you're so inclined. Your help in getting the brand some exposure would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance. \m/(>.<)\m/

    *edit: Forgot to mention: I'm running a promo through the 18th for 20% off all orders. The code for that is LONGLIVEROCK, and you can definitely share that as well.



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