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    Default So This Is Pretty Cool

    Was on a work mission in Las Vegas at the Cosmoplitan tonight, and ran into the man, Michael Anthony himself.

    He was in a very quiet part of the building, just sitting with a small group of people chatting on the third floor when I spotted him. Didn't want to be too much of a fanboy and bug him, but did try and do a little detective work for everybody here at the Links.

    He was sitting with Vic Johnson and a few other folks, and I just went up to him, told him I was a fan and asked when the next tour was. Was trying to read his reaction, seeing if he would give ARMBI away, but he did not. He said, we just finished a tour and said to check either his or Sammy's website for the next one. No hint, pause, or look or anything that would lead me to believe (not that I did) that a Van Halen, version II reunion was coming.

    I must say he was really cool, chatted with him for a few minutes about the new arena I'm currently working on here in town. He, Vic and Sammy were playing a private fundraiser at the Cosmopolitan tonight.

    Funny little aside, he and Vic aren't all that up to date on happenings in the music world. He asked who was opening the arena, and when I mentioned Guns and Roses are playing the second and third shows there April 8th and 9th, he smiled then said "yeah, if they make it". Vic then said he had heard Axl and Slash were trying get back together, and Michael thought they were probably "negotiating" but don't have a deal yet.

    They definitely do have a deal, and I would think with Michael's own experience he would know when they announce publicly like that a contract is already in place.

    Anyways, sorry this is so long, but it was cool meeting MA, and chatting with him. And he was cool, and friendly and everything I've always heard about him. Definitely made my night.

    If you really are a member here, thanks for taking the time to chat a bit, and as I told you, thanks again for all the great music. The soundtrack of my life.

    "Sammy is fat, Dave is bald, Mike is next in line to be the Pope, Eddie is a drunk, Wolfie is fat, Gary is gay, CVH is VH, Mike is VH, Sammy can outsing Dave on a tequilla hangover, Eddie is a meth head, How Many Say I is the worst VH song ever, Up for Breakfast is a close second, Dave was horrible at radio and everybody hates the assless chaps.
    Ok I think that covers everything." Ziggysmalls

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    I didn't say we'll get to the destination, but until Alex comes out a says what a complete waste of carbon DLR is, we're still climbing, so strap yourselves in.
    Those of you who have been on this ride before, the hottie in the mini will be around shortly with your drinks......." Red

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    Very cool!!

    Mike is a class act.
    Remember the Heroes - 9/11/01

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    Congratulations to Van Halen as part of the Class of 2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

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    got tequila?

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    That's pretty cool indeed!
    Thanks for sharing the experience with us here on the Links.
    "There's too many people on this basketball that's floating around the sun, who are too afraid to allow themselves to FEEL" - Edward Van Halen
    "Van Halen was never about the singer..." - A very wise fan.
    "Embrace the past. Live in the moment but keep your eyes on the future, and keep on moving forward..." - Richie Sambora



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