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    Obviously, I don't think anyone has much insight on what's going on but here's something I thought pretty interesting.
    My wife has a work-friend who has insides to the celebrity-collectables business. Recently,she got me an autographed Eddie Van Halen concert picture from the VH1 tour.
    It's cool as hell - young Ed - white guitar with Black stripes - Sweet...Anyway, she was working with this guy to get me a signed Wolfgang in that Ed has done this before
    for this guy and it wouldn't be any problem.
    Turns out - the guy couldn't make it happen.
    Said Ed shut all that kind of shit down. He ain't doin nothin like that right now.

    So I figure his cancer situation might be more scary than any of us know. I couldn't see them cutting out PR programs if there was a new album in the works.

    Just my opinion...Could be way out in left field...But this guy said he'd never had
    a problem before getting autographed shit out of the VH camp...

    Anyway, this cancer thing could be a lot bigger than anyone realizes. A tumor is a tumor - it can be malignant or benign. But
    Cancer is unmistakable. It's a disease and it's mission is to grow and spread. A Cancer on the tongue can be very dangerous as cancer cells have a multitude of options with regards to spreading in that location and none of those destinations are good.

    I hope all is well and he is beating this thing but I must say - I was blown away when I saw the pictures of him smoking at the LAPD golf event....Not good

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    I'm moving this topic to Opinions.
    Right Now you're reading my post!

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