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    †"He has a swaggering retro machismo that will give hives to the Steinem cabal" -Camille Paglia on Donald Trump

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    As far as Trump and the Libertarian Party, a MAGA-Lite caucus took control of many of the state factions of the Libertarian Party starting 2 years ago. The Party itself was already just a herd of cats. The Caucus ousted the chair who got them on to all 50 ballots consecutively and their highest percentage in a presidential election since 1980. It was a movement against the more mainstream, Gary Johnson version of the party and towards a more extreme, provocative version. As part of
    It, some truly nasty, racist stuff was said and tweeted by official states, to the point where people I know left the party. It was bad enough I wonít even use the small-l label anymore.

    And Iím not just making it up; the Party removed opposing bigotry as part of its platform after the takeover. The Party lost 25% of its membership and its fundraising is way down.

    Angela McArdle, the current chair of the party, was elected in that takeover. And, it turns out, it wasnít true that the Party invited both Trump and Biden as was announced. Trump asked the LP if he could speak. And so did Kennedy. The Mises Caucus granted Trumpís request to speak, not the other way around.

    The night before, the majority of the room was upset about the speech. Resolutions came to the floor, like a proposed resolution for Trump to go fuck himself. McArdle tried to oppose them. And then the speech happened. (A wave of MAGA hat wearers were let into the speech and given the first several rows until delegates arrived in mass and complained.) Trump had been warned repeatedly it would be a hostile room, and he did it anyway so I will give him that.

    Trump got 6 write in votes on the first round of nominations. Kennedy got 19 votes after his less attended speech. Neither had enough to advance.

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