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Having been in heavy construction as a union electrician and my father having been an HPD cop on Telephone Rd in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I can tell you without a doubt being a cop is much much more dangerous.
My father has had 140 stitches in the neck. He's had a 12 Guage stuck in his guts and the triggers pulled and it miss fired. Been shot at more than he can remember.
He shot and killed the dude that stabbed him in the neck. He damn near beat to death the guy w the shot gun.
He has deep scars on his hands from several knife fights...I mean the list goes on and on...
In my case, I've had falling steel miss me by 3 feet from 12 floors above. Been shocked pretty hard because I'm a dumbass. Had to pull a 9mm on an idiot on a manlift 30 something floors up on one of the Enron towers. I've been threatened several times by other trades which is why I started carrying a pistol to work as an apprentice. Construction is tough and full of criminals and junkies and nut cases. But, I would never ever wanna be a cop. No one in my whole time has ever questioned me carrying a pistol. Many of us do. I only stopped carrying because I've been on a federal facility for the last 11 years.

When I asked my father what it's like to be a cop he said
Imagine constant boredom separated by moments of shear terror...
Your pops was is a fucking rock star bad ass pipe swinging dude. Out.