Van Halen-Email Response on comments made about Dave and Van Halen
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    This is the email from a radio station, their side of the story on Dave and Van Halen in general!

    "on the contrary my friend. . . yes we make fun of some of the individuals.
    Its hard not to make fun of DLR when he doesn't pay over $100,000 to a
    publicity firm that's tried to keep his image and name up and help him earn
    money. And Gary Cherone......nice guy but a very bad move on the part of the
    three original members. Most remember Cherone's mediocre performance - I
    remember the mediocre music. The album is a celebration of Eddie's sobriety
    rather than his virtuosity and songwriting. Don't worry - every great band
    has a clunker or two and there is no doubt in my mind that there are many
    great VH records to come.

    (Blank) FM has never dogged the music and never will - but the band (outside of
    cancer treatment) sound confused and lacking direction. It is only too easy
    to blame their now ex-manager on the Cherone fiasco but Eddie and Alex have
    to take some of the blame as they've always "held the keys".

    Here's hoping for bigger and better things!!"

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    Maybe we need to change the forum name from Opinions to 'DJ's Opinions'. Either way, I'm sending it there.



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