The Van Halen circus moves into new territory! Coming hot on the heels of David Lee Roth's latest game move, this comment added to the band's Message Board forum yesterday: "We're aware of all the rumors, and rumors are just that. We are continuing to work in the studio creating music for our next record. For any updates, come here to our website first. We'll stay in touch." - Edward, Alex and Mike

Where does that leave fans, the re-union, the next album and tour?
From what I heard back from sources today - it's still on! October was the last date that was floated to me, so I can only accept that assessment.

Unfortunately for the loyal fans out there (including me), neither Dave's, nor Van Halen's small statements help confirm or deny any of the previous rumors / reports / stories that have circulated for the last 18 months. All it does is confirm what we already knew - they guys were (in some way) working with each other.
As for my part in this story - out of all the reports that have been used here, I have clearly pointed out that many are just rumors and hearsay. But over the course of covering this story, I have discovered a couple of loyal and consistent sources, whose information and identity I have promised to keep secret. These guys have proven to me who and what they are and know and I hope that keeping that trust will lead to future reports.
What I have been given permission to print is this: VH and DLR are still working on working. By no means is the reunion off or over.

I am also in the process of combining my 18 months of reporting on Van Halen into one VH news page, just to keep track of what has been said and try and prove a few things right and a few things (very obviously) wrong!

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