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    I got this from Eonline just reading some old interviews:

    It's pretty obvious you don't foresee ever reuniting with Roth, but I need to ask anyway. When I interviewed him last year, he said that, even after all that has happened recently, he'd still consider it.
    Eddie: No. I look at it like a divorce. We had great times with him and also with Sammy. What bums me out the most is, why can't we remain friends? Just because we're not working together, what's the big deal? I don't hate Sammy. I don't hate Roth. They both hate us, but they want in the band.

    As impossible as it seems, Gary, would you step aside if Dave ever came back?
    Gary: If they wanted to do a record with Dave and fell in love again, that's their thing. I'll tell you one thing: I would have no problem with Dave coming up and singing any song he wants. Extreme toured with Dave, and we got along--we were fans.

    Will this be the final Van Halen lineup?
    Eddie: Definitely.

    You say that now, but new Van Halen lineups came together in '76, '86 and '96. Doesn't that make you nervous about 2006, Gary?
    [Laughs.] No. I don't look that far ahead.

    Hell it may be 2006 before we hear anything...unbelievable.

    Here is the link:

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    '76, what line-up change did they make in '76? Mike didn't join 'til '76? Since when?
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