Q: So what do you think was Daniels' problem with you?

SH: Daniels walked into a band that had already sold 40 million records. He wanted more than equal profits - he wanted a percent of the gross, not the net. If you give him part of the gross, he makes more than everyone. I said fuck you and the guys were like maybe. Ed and Al gave him 2.5% more from their share. I wouldn't. He also wanted a percentage of all the old records. I said NO WAY. His rap was "your old catalog isn't doing what it should, I'll go in and renegotiate."

He wanted us to pay his office expenses and now they're suing him. I make more off the old Van Halen records than Ed and AL. I stand up and sing "Jump" and "Panama" all night and I don't make a penny off the pre-Sammy records, and never asked to. Ed Leffler never asked for it and never took it. So why should Daniels? It's one of the worst business decisions I've ever seen in a rock band.

"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers!" -Marilyn Manson