I've been thinkin...which is a) unusual for me and b) dangerous for me [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

I was checking out the pictures from the Vegas shows & some of the others. Dave looks fantastic! He clearly has been working out. All reviews that I have read have said fantastic things about his performance / voice.

Neither Dave or Ed have said anything negative about eachother...which is VERY unusual for these two...if things had fallen to shit - there would be a lot of dirt flying around right now.

So here is my therory....maybe Ed needed the time due to his cancer / hip and everything else personal. Stops calling Dave - saying man - I need some time for these reasons....Dave being Dave starts getting nervous - maybe (he thinks) Van Halen has lost interest in me because they feel my voice isn't up to par??Maybe they feel I don't have the coconuts to front Van Halen anymore...I know - I'll go out on the road - garner some fantastic reviews and show them that I really do have the stuff....

Maybe that is the reason for the tour.