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i don't recall any interviews recently, not that there have been many, where him being or not being an alcoholic has come up...and yeah I suppose in a perfect world we'd all be completely honest with one another no matter what but I'm not so sure that would be a good thing...how many times have we told a girl they looked great in a dress we didn't like? How many times have any of us called in sick when we just wanted to stay home and do nothing? Or when we had a hangover? Come on now...complete honesty is not anything that any of us TRULY expect of one another, so why should we expect it of Edward Van Halen?

but like I said, it's really a non-issue because the only interviews I've seen over the past year or so have been gear related in guitar world...and the "press conference" wasn't really a press conference and it didn't come up then either. As far as I can see, he's doing the same thing I'd be doing...not talking about what I don't want to talk about.
100% bang on.

That's what I meant. RECENTLY he's been avoiding the subject altogether. Which I think is the best way to have it.

It's a personal matter.