I need everyone's help to either confirm or deny this...
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    I have a friend named Nick D'Andrea. The guy has seen VH over 250 times and is regarded a some-what of a super-fan by the band themselves (They even presented him with a tour jacket with his name and "congratulations on your 300th show embroidered on it" a number of years back). Anyway, I spoke to him for the first time in a number of mionths the other day and he basically told me that he doesn't think that Edward is in good health. Through his sources he has heard that Valerie Bertinelli has taken a leave of absence from "Touched By An Angel".

    I am not trying to start a rumor here, I'm just looking for some help in hopefully shooting this down and letting my friend know that Ed is O.K. Your help is greatly appreciated. Peace, Atomicpunk5150
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    I'm going to send this to the Rumor Mill, because it's basically unconfirmed information. The thing is, I don't think there's anyone posting at these message boards who would be able to give you an answer to this. We all deal in speculation, and there's really no one who is connected who can give us facts.

    Not sure how drama shows like Touched By an Angel work, but wouldn't the sitcoms be coming pretty close to the end of their shooting season pretty soon? If the drama shows have the same shooting season, it's quite likely that Val (and her show) will be on hiatus soon anyway, so that may not mean anything in terms of Edwards' health.



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