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This guy is cool and seems genuine as hell. Here is what he said about VH specifically.

When told to rate guitar players on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a joke and 10 a guitar God, he said this when asked about Eddie VH:

"Eddie Van Halen- 10. I played on the bill with Eddie for a Jason Becker Benefit in the 90's. After the concert I spent about 45 minutes talking to him backstage- one on one.
We talked about Sammy Hagar, about Van Halen(the band), about a lot of things. I told him about my Double-Guitar and how I came up with the idea. It was great. He was really "down to earth".
When we were finished talking he thanked me, then gave me a big hug- like we were bro's. I was in shock- I wanted to thank HIM. After all, it was Eddie Van Halen. The man that influenced the way EVERY GUITAR PLAYER PLAYS!" - Michael Angelo

He also said this about Diamond Dave in word association:

"David Lee Roth- Attitude plus. Great sound bites. I saw Van Halen on their second tour. Girls were screaming for him like Elvis, The Beatles or any of the boy bands." - Michael Angelo

The whole interview is cool. Check it out.