one of the last EVH interviews i read...
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    ...contained comments by EVH that stated he was seeing a therapist and unloading literally years of emotional baggage that had been weighing him down for years. he also said how he learned to channel his creativity that was now like a faucet that couldn't be turned off or how some kind of light that once was blocked behind a door now was unblocked. how can someone go from such a positively euphoric and prolif ic stage only to be followed by years of nothingness. please don't respond by saying that EVH may be creating as we speak and just not releasing the material. the reason any artist creates is to share it with the world and maybe effect others. a person like EVH who is lucky enogh to find his vehicle to reach and get reaction from millions of people can not be satisfied playing guitar for alex in his basement.
    please help me to understand this.

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    01.28.16 @ 01:53 PM
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    All I can tell you is that I feel each of us probably has at least one bridge that we've nearly burned to the ground, and have yet to mend. True, we don't have a million or more fans who would benefit from us working things out, or a shitload of money waved in our face to sway our judgement in deciding how to proceed. If any person is totally into money and adulation, it makes this a very easy decision to make. Those people take the money and run and slap on a contrived smile for the masses.

    Is it so hard to believe that there are many underlying issues that we have no idea about? Those issues may be the type that are almost impossible to overcome. These guys are rock and rollers, musicians and millionaires, but still breath in the same air we do daily, and live in the same fucked up world with the same fucked up problems.

    In my life, if my car breaks down and at the same time, I have an issue with a friend from my past, I usually fix my car first, even though in the long term and whole scheme of life, the mending of a once valued freindship is the higher priority.

    Now look at Eddie. He had and may still have cancer. That rates higher than any car problem I would have, and he is taking care of it. Plus this is a life-threatening health problem for him. This is the highest priority a person can have, even higher than mending a friendship that could positively effect many, many people. From what I have read, I think they were working to mend their fences, and we have heard nothing different.

    You don't hug and cry with someone, when things end in a break-up if you don't deep down inside love the person and the things you did together. Check out the post with all the pictures of Dave and Eddie on stage smiling together. I hold hope out that we'll see those smiles together one more time, when all the pieces fall into place. You put the cart in front of the horse, you don't go anywhere. How much legal bullshit has to be involved for Ed to say that dealing with all the lawyers made the cancer seem like a pimple on his ass or whatever it was exactly that he said? That is a pretty fucking strong statement, considering Ed is the one with the cancer. Think about it?
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