Dear Eddie, I doubt you read these message boards but maybe this letter will find it's way to you. As a longtime fan of Van Halen going all the way back to 1980, I feel I have grounds to speak my mind.

Bottom line here Ed, I love your work with Dave and Sam. Hell even the Gary stuff rocks. I am a true fan to say the least.

I know classic Van Halen as I know and love it is over. I know man, I've dealt with it as I'm sure you have. I don't expect you and Dave to get back together and high-five your way on stage to make my dreams come true. I know the Sam days are gone too. I welcome any new direction you choose to go in. I'm here and I'll be there when you're ready.

Having said that, and seeing as how Dave and Sammy have sucked it up to give something back to the fans, what do you say you rouse Al out of bed and join in.

Join up with the fellas on tour and complete the circle, bury the hatchet and gives us one last hurrah. It doesn't have to be a commitment or big deal, just something really good for the deserving fans while you guys re-group for real. You'll make up with old friends, give back to the legions of fans and maybe bring some closure to all this constant Van Halen/Hagar/ what-was crap.

Just run with the boys one last time and we'll all move on. You have the Summer off, what the hell.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Let's rock!


ps: If you do it, act like you're enjoying it for my benefit. And Dave, if you're reading this, please just shut up for a few months man. make it work!