Brand New David Coverdale Tracks...Very Strong & Very Van Hagar!!!
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    Hello all!!!

    I just came from Melodic Rock and listened to the new David Coverdale soundbytes. First of all...this tracks smoke from a Van Hagar point of view and "The River" could have easily been an Eddie composition.

    I will say this...while David Coverdale may not be right for Van Halen (in terms of all the DLR fans)...the new tracks prove that not only can David still sing better than most, he also has much to offer in the songwriting department. He is not cheese and these songs prove it, as these songs could have easily been on Balance, F.U.C.K. etc.

    I know that I will be bombarded with Coverdale hate messages...but at the very least...listen to the tracks first and give your opinion after hearing the samples.

    So...both VH and Coverdale will have strong new music. I can't wait for both projects to be released. Hopefully Hagar will also have a strong offering, as opposed to "Red Voodoo".

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    Well ok, but what exactly does David Covercheese's solo record have to do with Van Halen? Moving this to the Music Meeting Place Forum.

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