I've been a member for a while--was formerly known as Panama1984, and I've seen some of the things he said. Now, onto what I have to say.

Crucifying him for misinformation isn't the way to go. We're here because we love Van Halen, and we love the music. It's open for debate whether he said what he said for fun, or because he was truly misinformed--I have friends who tell me a bunch of bullshit too, and some bullshit I didn't realize I was spreading for quite some time--and I think it is quite possible, if we can look past our rage for a second, that Eddymon may have been a victim of this kind of bullshit information.

Getting mad at Eddymon for stuff he said in the past is irrelevant--it doesn't get anything done, and I think by now he gets the point that he was wrong and shouldn't have said what he said if he meant to. I think he understands that you guys are mad, so I think it's about time we all lay the hell off, hm?

I had to get that off my chest.

Sorry if this comes across as a flame.