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On February 1st SLASH updated with what he's been up to. The guitarist reports that he recently performed with two
bands, playing a couple of songs with each. The first was the BAD COMPANY show on January 30th in Anaheim. He said he would play any
time Paul Rodgers was fronting the band. Slash was an unannounced guest and did a dueling lead guitar piece with Neal Schon that night.
The second show was a special 48th birthday show for Funk star RICK JAMES. James suffered a stroke in 1998, and he's now coming back.
Slash played on the hit 'Super Freak'. In regards to the new supergroup he's to be involved with, he was surprised and dismayed that that
news was out on that in so much detail. He said that he has not accepted the slot in the band and as far as he knew, no one else was
definite either. He said to make it clear to the fans that he has not accepted but of course is considering it. At the Bad Compay show Slash
wouldn't talk about the supergroup project,
but did reveal that he and MICHAEL JACKSON are up to something.