Can any one here tell me for sure when this is going to end? I mean this is turning more and more like those stupid TV soaps on the afternoons.
Ed's getting divorce, possibly drinking again, Alex supposed to be broke living with his brother, the two singers who by the way hated each the best of friends and on tour and singing VH tunes.

My god! I haven't seen that much twist and turns since they broke with Dave in '85.

I haven't posted in here for a while, and its a shame that now what we get for news of a band that we loved their music is gossip!
WTF is that about

It sickens me to think that not now maybe later we are going to see on VH1 or MTV a special on What the hell happened to Van Halen? and the funny thing is that it will be the most cliche fucking show ever.
The only thing that can salvage this band is a miracle, I mean the hand of God himself to slap Eddie around or something for him to wake the fuck up! (If it sounds angry is because I really am)
They should have called it quits when they had the chance 3 years ago, now is frekin' sad to see them go that way.

I just hope that I hear some good news before the year is up, but at this moment I don't see anything positive about the VH situation.

Anyway let's hope that's all.