If you liked VHIII, read this.
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    I'm not a singer biased fan of Van Halen. I like the songs. I actually really like VHIII. And I was wondering what peoples fav. song or songs off of that album are. I like From Afar, Once, Josephina, and Year To The Day. From Afar is nea,t especially the guitar solo. I can't tell what's going on there, but it's cool. I think its 2 guitars being faded L-R? The bridge is nicely put. Once has a really creepy vibe to it. A creepy, but happy one. The solo has a lot of soul to it. I like the chs. in Josephina. And that little run Eddie does on the guitar at the end of the...solo/breakdown? thing in cool. The beginning of Year To The Day sounds kind of, deserty. It reminds me of the Tucson Az. Desert at sundown. I like the clean guitar tone. Welp, thats my fav. songs off of VHIII. Anybody else like this album/have favorite songs?

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    Welcome to VHForums BigB! [img]smile.gif[/img] My favorite song off of III is Dirty Water Dog. I also like Without You and One I Want. This topic should be in songs and albums so I will move it there.
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