Classic Rock magazine has a section called 'FlashBack' - where the mag prints a photo, and the photographer talks about it.

This month has a double-page spread of the famous brothel party pic - you know the one from the late 70's with the band wearing the red army jackets, lying around in the middle of a very seedy looking party. This is what the mag says:

'If ever there was a picture of a band enjoying themselves, then this is it. As Classic Rock photographer Fin Costello, who took the shot explains': "Van Halen were celebrating the end of their first UK tour in 1978 after a show at the Rainbow in London. David Lee Roth and I were discussing Rock n' Roll photo's in the bar, and he was fascinated by a shoot the Doobie Bros. had done where they appeared to be in a New Orleans bordello"

"We went to my studio then, and with a couple of nubile young ladies who just happened to be hanging about, set up a similar shot.

Here's the interesting bit:

The uniforms had been hired for another shoot with them earlier, where they tried (unsuccessfully) to to get arrested by charging in the gates of Buckingham Palace".

"The cop on gaurd just asked them if they were enjoying their holiday in England and told them: "Sorry, but the Queen only sees people by appointment"

I've seen tons of stories about Classic VH all rehashed in magazines, - this charging the gates of Buck. Palace is a new one to me though. - Just thought some of you might enjoy it.