As Andrew mentioned over at

"C'mon Eddie & Alex Van Halen...your fan's are waiting...get off your asses."

This should be changed to...

"C'mon Eddie & Alex Van Halen...your CLIENT'S are waiting...get off your asses."

When you think about it, Van Halen is a business like any other. We have been loyal customers of the "Van Halen Brand"...some of us for close to 25 years. Don't you think as customers of VH inc., we deserve at least some kind of comment about what they are doing or at least what they are NOT going to do.

They seem to string us along like lemmings, especially Michael Anthony...that guy has made so many statements to the media that have not come true! Mike...put up or shut your f'en mouth!!

Are they just trying to ALL (E, A, M, S, D) create some type of publicity to keep their options open? I don't know, but as a consumer of there product I am starting to get VERY VERY ANGRY WITH VAN HALEN and all parties involved.

Their inactivity is their own choice, but don't drag us along with endless open ended comments.

What comes around goes around.