Fender Strat VG
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Thread: Fender Strat VG

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    Default Fender Strat VG

    Anyone own or play one?? Thoughts, opinions, recommendations?


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    I actually started a topic on this a while back. We have one in the store i work at now.

    I saw it at NAMM in January, and was impressed with it. I played one in late January/early February, and really thought it played well, and that the tones were great.

    They finally started shipping, and we sold the first two the same day we got them. We have a third hanging on the wall as I type this.

    Anyways, from what I understand, it doesn't do as much as a Variac (never played one, not a line 6 dealer) but all the controls here are very easy to use. What I consider its biggest advantage is also what may be a problem to some--it's an American strat. If the batteries run out, no problem, just switch to normal mode, and you have a USA strat as your 'backup'. While I think that is cool, those who aren't strat fans have already decided this instrument is not for them. Also, Roland (Boss) is repsonsible for the extras, and there's nobody better...

    The Roland pickup is actually 6 tiny pickups, that way they can get the alternate tunings by isolating each string. The tuning is relative as well, so if you are down a half-step or whatever, the tunings will still work, relative to your tuning. So if you are in E, Open G will sound as open G. If you are tuned down to Eb, Open G will sound as Open Gb, etc.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post and I will try to answer them.



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