I Just Don't Like Dave Lee Roth
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    I hate DLR, I mean I really hate the guy. I remember hating the guy when I really was exposed to VH (like many) with 'Jump' and the 1984 album. I remember loving the music and seeing them in this interview thinking 'what an asshole! I also remember liking the songs 'Cradle will Rock' 'Dance the Night Away' 'Pretty Woman' but never bought an albul till '1984' and that is when I actually saw them, in this interview. Was on this show in Canada called 'Video Hits', had the late Dan Gallagher<sp?> hosting. I also doubt he has any training in any martial art, if he did his technique is, well kinda not good.

    Anyway, I guess this post has turned into a I hate DLR post (which I do) and will get moved to opinions, in all honesty I was just grasping for a different topic given the recent events.

    My whole point being that I was around for the DLR era, and I liked the odd song the same way I like the odd Limp Bizkit song today, and I really was never a Van Halen 'fan' until Sammy came with the 5150 album, which I think is their best, well, Fair Warning is pretty close...needs Sammy at the mic.

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    Thanks for a nice, upbeat topic posted knowingly in the wrong forum. Its appreciated.

    However, I'm not gonna move this to opinions, I'm just gonna close it.

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