Alright, I guess I just need to get on the horn with tech support, but
I'm rendering some stuff now and can't really open Pro Tools, so
I thought I'd bounce this around here.

I'm using the original MBox and while it has performed solidly up til now,
now I'm having a hard time getting a decent signal from the monitor outs
of said. I was pulling the 1/4 connectors halfway out and getting a good
level, but now even that's not working - just dead or badly distorted audio.
I tried different cables and connectors for everything, but it appears to have
given up the ghost. The headphone out works fine, so I know the program
is ok, just not getting much of anything useful outta the monitor jacks.
I even opened th MBox, and everything appears to be alright.

Have been using in conjunction with my Mac Book Pro with no problems
til just recently...

Any ideas?