Ever since I've listened to music, I've always loved playing with the balance control. Hearing different instruments or vocals isolated to one side. Great way to hear things you never noticed before too.

I've always wished there were a way for the listener to isolate a guitar track or cut out the vocals, listen to only bass and drums...etc.

Haven't thought about this in awhile but, with the new technology of today, is there a device or software program that can do this now?

How cool would it be, to be able to listen to a song in it's full form, and then one by one mute each instrument/vocal out until you have only one or none left...or the other way around...build it up peice by peice until it's a full song!

Would be great if there was a program that could do this or if the record companies would release cd's with this capabilty. Put the disk in your computer and a screen pops up with icons for each instrument/vocal, clicking on each would turn it on/off.

I guess I'm just dreaming...dont know how many people would actually want something like this? I would love it! Would also be a good way to breath some new life into music I've grown tired of over the years. A new way to listen to it.