This is my first post. I have been visiting these forums everyday for years watching all of the hooplah and searching for every tidbit of news just like the rest of you.
I have been listening to Van Halen since their first album came out. I remember my cousin taking it out of the sleeve and putting it on the turntable for the first time. It changed my life. I became a guitar player. I have never felt the need to post I just enjoyed watching all of the drama that goes on here, but I felt the need to write after watching the HOF last night. To me it was a bit sad not to have everyone there. I thought that Sammy and Mike acted admirably and did the band as much justice as they could, but it was a moment that could've brought eveyone together. Look at all the other bands that have had some sort of in fighting but still managed to go up there and work it out for a night. I understand Eddies situation and believe me It is the best thing for the future of the band. I have seen them many times and saw them in 04. Went backstage with a 5 star and met Eddie,Sammy and Mike. I was worried then when I saw Eddie slugging red wine out of the bottle at 4 in the afternoon getting ready for the show that night. He needs to get clean and clear in order for anything to happen with Van Halen again. It pains me to say this but I know everysong they have ever written and the last few attempts at Van Halen music in my opinion have been a mere shadow of the life they used to have.

That being said, I'm a little older than alot of you I'm sure, But I'm sure there are plenty of guys here intheir late 30's through mid forties that know exactly where I'm coming from. David Lee Roth can stay Home. Yes he was awesome but there was no need for him bowing out last night. Be a Man, stand up there with the two only guys in the band that seem to have their head on straight and give thanks to the fans for buying your records and giving you this wonderful life.
Eddie will come out of this I'm sure and in a couple of years we will all be listening to what I hope is a kickass new record! I may not post again, but I felt the need to share this with all you guys and gals that have the same love as I do for VH in any incarnation.