Hello everyone,

So I feel silly even asking this, because I'm usually pretty competent with figuring stuff out in regard to my axes, but I'm stumped.

I own a Peavey HP Special and wanted to install a D-Tuna for some of the songs I play with my band. So I bought one and started the install yesterday.

Since the HP has a trem stop, I locked that in to prevent any floating trem issues. I removed the strings, cleaned the nexk etc. Then I replaced the locking bolt in the back of the Floyd with the D-Tuna piece. I replaced the strings, stretched them out, etc, and retuned the strings to standard with the exception of the low E, which I tuned to D, as directed. I locked the tuning in and checked the tune on the low E (now D). It was a perfect D. However, when I push down and get it into the "E" position, it always goes too sharp. It ends up in the vicinity of almost F. So while D is in, the E is now F with no good way to readjust.

I made sure the fine tuner wasn't holding any tension against the D-Tuna bolt and I'm working the D-Tuna correctly.

Does anyone know of anything that I'm overlooking? I tried both the supplied locking bolts, just in case. And still the same thing.

Any ideas would be appreciated.