There is a couple pages in the new Guitar World(George Harrison cover) dedicated to the last Nirvana song recorded "You Know You're Right".
It mentions that the night they did this song, which turned out to be their last recroding session, the band where at a pizza joint with their producer and Kurt was telling stories from the road. One of them of course was the VH story.
What i think deserves the most credit here is the guy who did this piece for GW mag is Charles Cross. He is the dude who wrote the amazing book Heavier Than Heaven, about Nirvana.
To his credit, he states that
"Kurt grew up idolizing Van Halen"...

I give Mr. Cross major respect cuz most people dont have a clue that Kurt was a guy who grew up loving hard rock and metal! They have bo clue he grew up worshipping Maiden, Priest, Van Halen, Sabbath, ACDC and more... And it never would have been known had he not exposed it.